Joey Kneiser / Kelly Smith (Glossary) Live From Standard Deluxe {Compact Disc}


Image of Joey Kneiser / Kelly Smith (Glossary) Live From Standard Deluxe {Compact Disc}

Joey Kneiser / Kelly Smith - Live From Standard Deluxe

This Is American Music - 8/21/2015

The first time you visit Standard Deluxe in Waverly, Alabama, the magic unfolds in front of you. As you head away from city lights and turn off Highway 280 onto gravelly backroads, you absorb the details one by one, collecting them in your memory like fireflies in a jar. You'll park your car by the low, old cemetery wall across the road and wend your way to the entrance, past the metal sculptures that dot the lawn toward the weathered wood that forms the stage. If you're lucky, you'll meet the proprietor, Scott Peek, and his coterie of rescued pups, and marvel at how this kind Alabamian turned a screen printing shop into a special venue that you can already tell is well worth the trip. You're going to spend a day here, an evening, enjoying the company of friends new and old, immersed in live music. Our band, Glossary, has had the pleasure of playing the outside stage at Standard Deluxe on more than one occasion. Guitars wail across the lawn, where music ­lovers sit or dance, and the vocals soar from the stage up through the sky.

To the side of the grassy expanse sits the Little House - also known to thee locals as "The Pea Ridge Listening Room", a gem of a ramshackle building. The shows that happen inside are a different experience. You'll sit in a pew or lean against the door frame, packed in amongst kindred spirits. The doors and windows are open to the porch and trees, but the air inside the house is thick, filled as it is with simple voices and spare instruments, and perhaps some ghosts hovering above. After a recent acoustic show there, the seed of the idea came to us­­ at the magic of this venue could be corralled, and that we should make a live record. n July 18, 2015, we reconvened in the Little House at Standard Deluxe, the evening hot and welcoming, the ghosts alongside our small audience, and we played. Our friend and bandmate Todd Beene, even joined us for a few songs on the pedal steel. The songs span ten years, from previous Glossary albums and Joey's solo efforts, including his upcoming studio album, "The Wildness." We played, the cicadas sang along, the sounds from the little house echoing past the headstones across the road, and we captured something special, like fireflies in a jar.


Image of Joey Kneiser / Kelly Smith (Glossary) Live From Standard Deluxe {Compact Disc}