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The Bohannons inhabit a musical universe that, while certainly drawing influence from all over, is firmly rooted in their Tennessee home. With Unaka Rising, they are clearly taking their homegrown, handcrafted rock to a new level, and we think they’ve set the bar pretty damn high with this one. The album’s title references the Unaka province of East Tennessee and western North Carolina— “One of the finest areas in all the world,” according to singer/guitarist Marty Bohannon. The region has certainly fueled the Bohannon’s fire, providing endless stories and situations from which these songs draw. With a quiver of new material ready to follow up 2011’s stellar EP, Days of Echo, the Bohannons spent the better part of the last year tearing up the road between Chattanooga and Athens, GA where they recorded Unaka Rising at Chase Park Transduction, first with David Barbe and later Drew Vandenberg.

Recorded by David Barbe and Drew Vandenberg at Chase Park Transduction in Athens, GA 2011-2012

Mixed by Tom Lewis at Chase Park Transduction

Mastered by Tom Lewis at Studio 1093 Athens, GA

In loving memory of John Johnson

all songs by bohannons. lyrics to goodbye bill by ethel raim and joe hill

special thanks to, bird, monster, alex, mattie, margaret, joey, kaycee, billy joe johnson, mike and alex at tiny buzz, the leg, lee bains III and glory fires, porkchop, jimmy, TIAM, corey, nick, jay, sean, murray, zach hobbs, chuck crowder, zack cooper, jason heaton, john bohemia, crazy lou harris, ms. re.

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