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13ghosts – Liar's Melody

Birmingham, Alabama

Early Summer / Late Fall of 2011 marked the official return of Birmingham, Alabama indie/lit/rawk band 13ghosts which had TWO releases in a span of 2 months – Garland Of Bottle Flies (Skybucket) and Liar’s Melody (This Is American Music). The funny thing about this is that the ghosts hadn’t released a record since 2008’s Pitchfork acclaimed Strangest Colored Lights (Skybucket). So what the heck happened during this time? Breakups, Death, Day Jobs, Lawyers for the estate of Bob Marley, and those damn Dexateens…
Tidbits/Info on 13ghosts

The name is a reference not to the William Castle movie from 1960 or to the horrible 2001 remake, but to a collection of wonderfully haunting tales by Alabama folklorist Kathryn Tucker Windham called “13 Alabama Ghosts And Jeffrey” – required reading for Alabama elementary school kids.

Pitchfork gave the ghosts’ 2005 record Cicada a 7.9 rating and 2008’s Strangest Colored Lights a 7.6

Cicada gets pulled from distributors because of a copyright infringement on the ghosts re-working of a Bob Marley song and phrase - “Three Little Birds”.

Shortly after Strangest Colored Lights is released in 2008 Armstrong and the rest of the band re-convene in a studio in Birmingham and start recording what will become 2011’s Garland of Bottle Flies (Skybucket)

13ghosts co-founder and co-songwriter (w/ Armstrong) Buzz Russell leaves the band in the middle of recording Garland of Bottle Flies.

In late 2008 / early 2009 Armstrong joined up and began touring and playing guitar with Alabama Rock Gods, The Dexateens…Some sort of Dexateens revival happens. They play more shows than they ever did in their 10+ years of existence.

May 2010 the road catches up to The Dexateens. They call it quits. Kind of…

Armstrong gets uneasy and rallies the ghosts to go record a “where they are right now” record. Liar’s Melody gets delivered to the This Is American Music gang and within days of its delivery it is available immediately digitally via This Is American Music on August 15, 2011.

Skybucket releases Garland Of Bottle Flies November 8, 2011. Available on cd/digital via Skybucket.

13ghosts was Paste Magazine’s Artist Of The Day – December 13, 2011

Recent Press for Liar’s Melody and Garland Of Bottle Flies –
"Liars Melody is the hardest, crunchiest, most aggressive album 13ghosts have ever made, one that reflects Armstrong’s tenure in the Dexateens" - Paste Magazine

"Liar’s Melody is well sculpted, its balance of roots folk country bottled up with raisin’ hell southern rock.A well-crafted return from hiatus, 13ghosts’ Liar’s Melody will hold its own in modern southern rock and alt-country record bins." - Consequence Of Sound

"It’s a “where are they now” record, and judging by the music, where they are now is a pretty good place. The songs are alternately aggressive – the first song, Water, Rise, starts with what I can only call a buzz-saw of a bluesy riff – sweet, and filthily reflective, but they are all thrumming with life." - Now This Sound Is Brave

“Garland sounds more like their previous albums, fraught with unsettled conflicts and sundered relationships. The fruit of his perseverance is an album that sounds both enthrallingly messy and meticulously constructed, setting up camp in a bleak landscape where few other Southern rock bands will even set foot. – Paste Magazine

“We’re not sure what delayed “Bottle Flies” and its eventual release on the Birmingham-based Skybucket Records, but it’s definitely a case of better late than never: Armstrong’s writing is as dark and quick-witted as ever, and his band’s Son Volt-like mix of scuzzy barroom rock and alt-country twang is in top form.” - Atlanta MetroMix